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Traveling the Pacific Northwest’s Wine Scene

Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 10:55AM

Traveling the Pacific Northwest’s Wine Scene

West Coast wine is renowned across the world—but its charm does not stop at Sonoma Valley! All the way up the coast, throughout Oregon and Washington, a spirited wine scene awaits.

Tucked away among the region’s lush hills and the mighty Cascades, Pacific Northwest wine country offers up a delicious experience—one that we think is worth exploring in the months ahead!

Just keep reading as we embark on a virtual tour of this one-of-a-kind viticultural escape.

Wine weather

When many of us hear “Pacific Northwest,” our minds might jump to images of gray, rainy weather—which is at odds with the sun-drenched Californian and Mediterranean climates wine seems to love so much. So how does wine thrive here?

As it turns out, the soggy stereotype isn’t all true. It mainly applies to the coastal parts of Washington and Oregon, which tend to see more rainy days than the national average—however, the Pacific Northwest wine country extends across much of the eastern portions of these states, where a much drier climate prevails. This is due to the mountains that cut across the region, catching the brunt of the rain and wind and leaving drier weather in their “shadow.” Plus, the areas that do see wetter winters are balanced out by warm, dry summers—providing for some perfect wine weather. Finally, being up north, these states are able to enjoy cooler nights that seal in a characteristically crisp acidity, a prized feature of Pacific Northwest wines.

Exploring wine country…

The Pacific Northwest is characterized by several key regions. Here at Stonewood, our King Estate Pinot Gris hails from the Willamette Valley, the largest viticultural area in Oregon and a top spot known for lush, rolling hills and a mild, misty climate that’s protected from blustery weather west of the mountains. Oregon is also home to Acrobat, one of the pinot noirs for which the state is world-renowned.

Another important region is Columbia Valley, where you’ll find North by Northwest, a classic chardonnay. This is Washington’s largest wine region, characterized by sunny weather and verdant landscapes—the nature-loving explorer will enjoy seeing the vineyards as well as the winding Columbia River, bordered by green, rolling banks throughout.

… and beyond

If you’re in town for more than a couple days, you’re in luck—there’s a world to explore! Throughout the Pacific Northwest, you will encounter a wide variety of unique landscapes, from gorgeous mountain trails to vibrant meadows. Through the end of April, for example, you can check out the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival for a close-up look at some seriously stunning blooms in bright pinks, purples, yellows and romantic reds.

And then, of course, there’s the coast. Head over to Seattle, which overlooks the expansive Puget Sound, to get a taste of classic Pacific Northwest fun. While its eastern counterparts are known for their vineyards, Seattle is a city steeped in the history of another beloved drink—coffee! Grab a warm cup and browse destinations like the Pike Place Fish Market, where you can pick up fresh-from-the-sea flavors in a lively environment. Check out Lake Union, too, where warm weather calls for boating fun with sweeping Space Needle views—or, if you prefer to head even farther out, go whale watching! It’s peak season for spotting the majestic marine mammals. 

The perfect Pacific Northwest pairing

There’s only one way to truly understand what makes Pacific Northwest wine so special. That’s right—it’s time for some tasting.

As a crisp white, your King Estate Pinot Gris will pair perfectly with a wide variety of dishes, including any of our oak-grilled Market Fresh Fish. With your glass of Acrobat, you might try a delicious Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon. And finally, to complement the velvety touch of your North by Northwest, opt for a creamy dish like our Blackened Chicken Pasta. Perfectly enough, it owes its smooth flavor to a rich chardonnay cream, so it serves as the ultimate go-to for pairing with a glass of chardonnay.

The best part? Each of these fantastic wines is available for Happy Hour, so they’re especially easy to enjoy on your next dinner out.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this virtual tour to the fullest! Be sure to enjoy a taste of the Pacific Northwest with a glass here at Stonewood, as you look forward to the adventure ahead.

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