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Uncork Your Crafty Side with 5 Fun Wine Bottle DIYs

Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 12:40PM

Uncork Your Crafty Side with 5 Fun Wine Bottle DIYs

A perfectly paired bottle of wine delights at dinner—but did you know that it can bring warmth, light and laughter into your home long after the meal is done? Read on as we share five fun ways to use old wine bottles around the house!

Light up the night with a warm, bottled glow

Looking for a unique way to add light and ambiance to your space? Use a set of battery-powered string lights and an old wine bottle or two to make it happen! As light passes through the tinted glass of your bottle, it will create a soft, subtle glow that adds just enough light to your space to add visual interest and a cozy atmosphere, without ever being too harsh for a relaxing dinner with friends. Use it on your kitchen countertop, as an effortless centerpiece, or even by your wet bar where it will blend seamlessly with other bottles for a subtle decorative flourish.

Showcase fresh flowers in a ready-made bottle vase

You’re hosting a dinner party and your friend graciously brings you some seriously beautiful flowers—but you don’t have an empty vase to put them! No problem. After you’ve served everyone a glass of wine, wash out the bottle, remove the label, add water and voila, you’ve got a ready-made vase (or at least a convenient container to display a few beautiful buds). Later on, you can even paint your new vase or add twine or other touches to enhance its style. The end result is a stylish vase whose elegant, rustic flair is sure to blend in with the backdrop of any room it’s placed in.

Turn a bottle of vino into a stylish soap dispenser

For a stylish, eco-friendly alternative to disposable dish soap bottles, use a wine bottle! Once you have thoroughly washed out your bottle, simply fill up with dish soap, add a pump (you can find specially sized bottle pumps online!) and you’re good to go.

Create the perfect tool for wine-and-cheese nights

The wine bottle from one wine-and-cheese night can be used to host your next! For a fun, custom touch, you can remove the handle from a store-bought cheese spreader and insert the metal part into a wine cork. Add glue, if needed, to secure the new spreader. It’s a subtle but impactful way to add your own personal flair to your silverware set—the kind of craft that might even have friends asking, “where did you buy this?” before they learn the truth.  

Foster effortless entertaining with wine cork placeholders

Another easy cork craft is to create custom placeholders for your next dinner party or holiday gathering. Carefully use a craft knife to create a slit in a cork, where you can easily add a name card for each guest. Next, cut off the opposite, rounded side to create a flat surface so the cork can stand straight on your table. And that’s it! You have an easy yet elegant option for hosting friends and family at home. (Tip: Save your wine corks throughout the year for these crafts and any others you may discover down the line!)

Every beautifully repurposed wine bottle starts, of course, with dinner and drinks. Bring along friends to enjoy a midweek treat with our Wine-Down Wednesdays, where you can enjoy half-off select bottles of wine all evening long. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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