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How to Perfectly Pair Family Bundles and Wine at Home

Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 1:39PM

How to Perfectly Pair Family Bundles and Wine at Home

Here at Stonewood, we believe that the perfect food-and-wine pairing can elevate an already delicious dinner—but did you know that you can savor your favorite, elegantly paired dishes and wine from home as well? Just read on as we share a few helpful tips for pairing your Stonewood Family Bundles and other flavorful dishes with wine you’re sure to love. Take a look.

Let color guide your perfect pairing (usually)

Even if you’re new to the practice of pairing your wine with food, you can still put together a beautiful meal by following the basic rule of red wine with red meat (like beef and steak), and white wine with lighter meat like chicken or fish. This is because the tannins in red wine are strong enough to break down the fat in red meats (like your go-to Stonewood Filet Mignon), releasing oh-so-delicious flavor in every bite; on the other hand, this boldness might overpower the more delicate flavors of fish and poultry.

Focus on the sauce

Once you learn the basic rule of thumb, you may start to discover nuances to this wine guideline. For example, if you’re bringing home a Stonewood Family Bundle of Cheesesteak Pasta (prepared with marinated ribeye, tenderloin cuts and a creamy cheese sauce), you may be inclined to reach for a bottle of red. However, the folks at Wine Folly remind us that “It is better to match the wine with the sauce than with the meat,” which, in this case, means that you should also feel free to choose a sparkling white to help play off the rich creaminess of this cheesy pasta! For another Family Bundle favorite, our Blackened Chicken Pasta, a glass of Chardonnay will perfectly complement the Chardonnay that’s in the sauce itself.

Add some fruity fun

In addition to choosing between red or white wine, you can breathe new life into your family meal with the addition of fruity blends! You can bring home bottles of your favorite Stonewood wine as well as Beverage Bundles of our delicious Red and White Sangrias, too.

Bring home an extra bottle

For those evenings when the wine flows as easily as the laughs and conversation, you can’t go wrong with having an extra bottle or two on hand. Our Bottled Wine Specials let you try a variety of blends at an affordable price, perfect for family dinners and special occasions alike.

Ask your local Stonewood for additional tips

Speaking of special occasions, be sure to check with your local Stonewood for questions on how to pair the perfect meal for a meaningful event—a birthday, anniversary or other celebration! We want to help you plan the perfect evening, and are happy to assist you in crafting a truly memorable menu, from food to wine and all the special flourishes in between.

We hope that these tips help you embrace your inner sommelier from your very own kitchen! Enjoy tried-and-true pairings and make some new ones, too—with Stonewood’s effortless Delivery and Curbside To-Go options, it’s never been easier to enjoy an elegant, exquisitely paired meal right at home.

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