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Throwing the Perfect Holiday Party

Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 3:25PM

Throwing the Perfect Holiday Party

‘Tis the season of light, cheer, and spending time with the people you love. Why not celebrate them all with a holiday feast, decked to perfection?

In a season that can be as fleeting as it is festively fun, you deserve the chance to take a break and enjoy it all with friends and family. Read on, relax, and we’ll show you how!

Go for gifts in an all-new way

Gift-giving is, of course, an integral and time-honored part of the holiday season. But the shopping scramble shouldn’t be stressful, especially when the very point of your holiday feast is to unwind and relax! Make the gift-giving process a little simpler (and a lot more fun) by turning it into a game, where each person only needs to bring one gift—instead of checking every other guest off their list.

Some ideas include Secret Santa, where each participant picks out a random friend’s name and brings a gift for them, saving the big reveal for the very last minute. You can also try a variant of White Elephant, the fun party game that has everyone bring one gift with universal appeal. Participants take turns picking gifts and unwrapping them—but the players that follow them can either unwrap a new gift, or steal one that’s been opened, adding an element of fun and suspense to the game.

Think about themes

Whether it’s a lavish dinner feast or laidback holiday get together, your party is the perfect place to host a “theme night” of sorts. Ask everyone to don their ugliest, tackiest Christmas sweater—or perhaps tell them to dress like their favorite holiday movie character. No matter the theme you choose, these simple ideas add an aspect of fun and festivity to your party—a must-have at this time of year.

Consider DIY décor

Pinched for time when it comes to decorations? “DIY” them! The do-it-yourself approach will save you some cash and time scrambling to the party store, all while helping you craft meaningful handmade pieces. If your holiday party includes young attendees, they’ll love a chance to get involved on the fun, too. Have them doodle on butcher paper for easy DIY gift wrap or banners, or create tissue paper poinsettias for a colorful, festive addition to your table.

Play table games

Looking for ways to keep the conversation flowing? Come to your party prepared with a handful of table games you can play! We’re not talking chess or checkers—rather, games like “guess that Christmas song” or “who am I?” where each guest wears a name tag, while those around them provide clues as to the person or thing that’s on that tag (for example, “Rudolph” or “The Nutcracker”). It’s a table-friendly take on charades, one that’s sure to elicit lots of fun and laughs.

Relax—it’s contagious

Above all, have fun! Your relaxed, laidback attitude is sure to be contagious, so it’s the easiest way to ensure a party that flows. After all, you won’t remember the perfectly-placed name cards and flower arrangements fluffed to perfection—just the smiles, laughs and stories you share along the way.

As you search for ways to relax, why not bring your holiday party to Stonewood? We’ll take care of the menu—and the ambiance, too—so you can focus on the simple pursuit of time and conversation with the people you love most. We make it easier than ever to host the perfect party. You can even reserve a group dining room online, perfect for those cozy family gatherings where you crave a space of your own.

For gatherings big and small, for the kids or kids-at-heart, we hope these tips help you achieve the perfect holiday experience. Come visit Stonewood to enjoy the seasonal festivities in a vibrant, no-fuss atmosphere the whole crew is sure to enjoy.

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