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Sobremesa: The Art of a Meaningful Meal?

Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 10:15AM

Sobremesa: The Art of a Meaningful Meal?

How often do you have one of those dinners? You know the kind—where the food’s been gobbled up, but the laughter and conversation linger long into the night?

Where no one is in a particular rush to get, well, anywhere, and you’re content simply savoring each other’s company around the table?

It’s the kind of meal—or post-meal, rather—that doesn’t permit much worry about the future (besides, perhaps, your next drink order… or what’s up for dessert!).

The Spanish language has a tidy little word for this kind of experience: sobremesa. Literally meaning “over the table,” it’s a word with no direct English translation. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that the country who so favors siestas, or leisurely midday breaks, would also find worth in this unique kind of post-dinner digestif. But you don’t need to be in Spain to enjoy this sort of experience—in fact, you’ve probably found yourself in the midst of many without even realizing it!

Today, we’re exploring sobremesa—why we love it, and how to enjoy many more to come. Take a look.

A sense of camaraderie

Time with friends is, as they say, time well-spent! When you indulge in sobremesa, you’re adding to a sense of camaraderie that extends far beyond the dinner table alone. We’re all used to speaking in formal settings, at work, for example, but the casual environment of your dining room, or your favorite table right here at Stonewood, allows for more expression, more laughs and more conversational tangents—the kind that lead to destinations you’d never expect, making you wonder, how did we get on this topic again…?

Adding to this sense of camaraderie is the community aspect of dining together. We might not know the people we share a bus or office space with very well, but we do know the people we dine with—they’re friends, family members, loved ones we’ve chosen to break bread with and savor a meal all together. Few things can bring a group closer together than a meal—even one which, at first sight, seems all so simple.

The value of “tuning in”

When it comes to conversation, there’s an inherent value to “tuning in” –listening to the words being spoken and trying to be present in the moment, even if (like we mentioned) you’re not quite sure where the conversation is going. Those are the best kinds of talks, after all!

Besides the dinner table, what better place is there to talk—and really talk? Free from paperwork from the office, or news on the TV, there’s nothing but company and the shared experience of a delicious meal in front of you. Tuning into that company not only lets others feel heard, but gives you the chance to catch up in a meaningful way that everyday chats might not provide.

Creating an inviting atmosphere

While sobremesa might not have a direct English translation, one thing’s for sure about its definition—it’s not something you can plan for! The art of a meaningful conversation, the kind that carries long into the night, is not something you necessarily plan to happen—but it is something you can help unfold, by setting the perfect atmosphere.

Part of that includes leaving out the technology—the phones, headphones and other potential distractions. When you’re enjoying a meaningful heart-to-heart, or even just a much-needed laugh session, your email can wait just a little while longer. Keep the flow going!

Another key to the inviting atmosphere is your physical environment. At home, that might mean creating a comfy space where the party can pick up and continue—sofas set up near your dining room, for example, and perhaps the addition of a fire you can light to make the atmosphere extra comfortable. When dining out, it’s even easier—just pick a place where family fun and conversation can’t help but flow! It’s the sort of environment we’ve strived to create right here at Stonewood, a place where a comfortable, family-friendly atmosphere makes you feel right at home. The kind of place where food is a delicious part of the overall experience—but not the only part!

Ready for some sobremesa? You bring the company, the stories, the laughs—we’ve got you covered with everything else you need for this one-of-a-kind experience.

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