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Rare, Medium, and Well-Done: Everything You Need to Know

Tue, Jan 11, 2022 at 12:00PM

Rare, Medium, and Well-Done: Everything You Need to Know

When you are dining in Daytona Beach and order juicy steaks, chances are the server asks you how you would like them cooked. The options can be confusing—what is the true difference between rare, medium, and well-done? 

These options relate to your meat’s internal temperature, which affects its texture and taste. We will discuss the differences between rare, medium, and well-done in detail so that you know for your next big night out at the steakhouse.

Rare Meat

Rare is the lowest level of doneness when it comes to steaks and burgers. Diners who like extremely tender, flavorful cuts of meat will choose this option. Rare meat has an internal temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you order your food rare, the central portion of the meat will be a bright red color. This is from the blood in the meat, which adds a burst of flavor. The consistency will be soft and tender with slight char on the outside. 

Rare meat is for “true carnivores” who enjoy meat’s natural flavor profile. 

Medium (or Medium-Rare) Meat

Medium-rare and medium sears are the “sweet spots” when cooking meat. If you go to the best restaurant in Daytona Beach , waiters will typically recommend steaks in the medium range. 

Medium meat is cooked to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. That means your steak or burger will be tender but well-cooked and provide just enough flavor. High-quality meat will be tasty at this temperature and tender enough to chew easily. The center of the meat will display a light pink color with charred brown outsides. 

The char on the outside mixes with the burst of flavor in the center to create the perfect consistency. If you want an easy-to-eat but robust flavor cut, medium is the ideal temperature for your steak. 


Well-done meat is the “most cooked” on the menu. In general, it’s fairly tough to chew through and has no pink in the center, although an excellent chef will make ordering well-done a flavorful and enjoyable experience.

“Well-done” might be the best choice for anyone who does not enjoy the flavor that blood brings to their meat. If you have personal sensitivities to food temperature, you may also like your meat well-done. The good news is you’re not losing any nutrients when you order this way. There’s the same amount of protein, iron, and zinc in a steak cooked medium-rare and well done.

If you find that thoroughly cooked meat is tough, dry, and chewy, and you want to experience your meat’s complete flavor profile, definitely don’t ask for your meat well-done. You’re better off ordering medium-rare or even rare.

Delicious Dining In Daytona Beach 

It’s widely believed that Daytona Beach has the best restaurants in Florida. Places like Stonewood Grill have some of the finest, most delicate meat and seafood dishes around. No matter how you like your meat cooked, you are sure to find the perfect dining location for you and your guests. 

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