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How to Enjoy the Stonewood Experience at Home

Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 2:30PM

How to Enjoy the Stonewood Experience at Home

Craving Stonewood flavors this summer? In addition to providing the dine-in service you know and love, our curbside takeout and delivery options help you enjoy your favorite dishes at home, too! Just read on as we share a few fun ways to make your Stonewood meal at home extra special.

Enjoy effortless flavors with the family

The first step to a delicious dinner at home is, of course, your favorite Stonewood flavors! Fortunately, go-to, family-friendly dishes have never been easier to enjoy. In addition to our wide menu selection of Steaks, Burgers and other favorites, you can choose from our convenient Family Bundles, available through our Curbside To-Go or Delivery. Simply view the menu here! For one affordable price, you can enjoy your choice of crowd-pleasing noodles (our creamy Blackened Chicken or Cheesesteak pastas) or oak-grilled goodness (our Tuscan Chicken), plus salad, Fresh Baked Chocolate Chunk Cookies and your favorite Stonewood Bread and Butter selection—including, of course, our beloved Pretzel Bread. We know it wouldn’t quite be a Stonewood dinner without it.

You can even add kids meals for an experience the whole family will love! Plus, choose from our Beverage Bundles for cool, bubbly concoctions for the grown-ups. Leave the cooking to us and simply focus on creating the cozy, welcoming atmosphere you’ve come to know and love.

Craft the perfect, Stonewood-inspired space

Looking for a way to design a Stonewood-inspired dining space? For a fun, long-term décor switch, you can’t go wrong with rustic elements—a stone backsplash paired with rich wood cabinets, for example—and, of course, a beautiful place to display your favorite bottles of wine! Yes, now is a great time to try that DIY wine rack you’ve been eyeing. Not only is it best to store wine on its side for preserving its quality long-term, but it creates an element of dining-out luxury right at home, too!

Plate to perfection

Dining at home is a great opportunity to get creative with your plating skills! Here at Stonewood, we believe that every dish should look as good as it tastes—so keep the visuals going during your dinner at home. You can go traditional, with a classic white dinner dish, triangle-folded napkin and flavors served layer upon layer. Or, opt for a whimsical approach worthy of an at-home photoshoot! Whatever you do, we can’t wait to see the delicious results.

Dig into a delicious theme night

Make your night even more memorable with a fun theme! You can opt for a variety of seafood dishes and play your favorite island calypso music for an environment inspired by the beach, or dig into delicious Mediterranean staples (think, Tuscan Chicken and Bruschetta) while listening to Italian tunes.  For a fun, formal-at-home touch, you can even send your family members invitations to the evening’s meal with a whimsical dress code, such as “dress like your favorite movie character.” Keep the fun going with a family game night or movie screening after dinner!

You deserve a delicious night in! With these ideas and your favorite Stonewood flavors, a memorable meal experience is right around the corner. Order online and enjoy today.

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