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Good Food as a Family Affair

Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 2:50PM

Good Food as a Family Affair

What makes good food, great? We think it’s less about the dish you’re eating and more about who you’re eating it with!

By adding a sense of family to your food, you’re paving the way for laughs, culinary wisdom, and memories that are sure to outlast the food trends of the year. Just take a look below to see how family and food make the perfect pairing.

Dig up old recipes

What better way to bridge the generational gap than to share old recipes? Food is one thing that never goes out of style, so finding your great-grandma’s favorite stew or cookie recipe is sure to be a multifold thrill. First, it lets you enjoy a delicious dish! But second, and most importantly, it helps you connect with your family’s past in a truly meaningful way.

Rediscover your family tree

In addition to digging up old recipes, you can rediscover your family tree by trying out dishes inspired by your heritage. Connected with your culture by enjoying the spices, dishes, and cooking methods inspired by your ancestors’ place on the globe—it’s like taking a journey through the past, right from your kitchen.

Get everyone involved in the cooking process

We all know the importance of family dinners, but the togetherness doesn’t have to start and end at the table! Begin the fun in the kitchen, where everyone can enjoy their own role in shaping the day’s meal or dessert. Even young kids can get involved with small but just-as-important tasks like scooping flour or stirring sauce.

Try a family style meal…

If you’ve never done so before, dining family style is a great way to switch up your family dinner! This dining method involves sharing several oversized entrees, as opposed to portioning out a plate for each person at the table. It’s a communal way of dining that makes everyone feel welcome and at ease!

… or a new kind of gift giving

The holidays are approaching, slowly but surely. This season, why not try a new kind of gift giving? Surprise family and friends with the gift of homemade treats like cookie baskets or your own fudge made from scratch, wrapped with a ribbon to go. What better way to say “I care?”

Meet up for mealtime fun

Blending food and family fun is easy when a great spot like Stonewood’s there to bring you all together? Reconnect with family members from the other side of Florida by joining in the middle for great food and delicious company. Or set aside time for family dinners every Sunday, establishing memories and a beloved tradition in the process.

Whether you take the crew out to eat or work on family recipes at home, that sense of togetherness is sure to make your dishes taste that much sweeter. We hope that today’s blog helps you find that perfect pastime, dish, or recipe to enjoy alongside your loved ones!

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