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Exploring Old Florida "Haunts"

Sat, Oct 13, 2018 at 11:05AM

Exploring Old Florida "Haunts"

Searching for the perfect place to take your autumn staycation? Look no further than the Old Florida “haunts” that surround you—the locales that are sometimes spooky, sometimes silly, and always rich in adventure.

Read on as take a virtual tour through some of the Sunshine State’s most interesting spots for a mystical fall-time getaway.

Cape Romano

The mystical offshore attraction of Cape Romano’s Dome House has had travelers scratching their heads for decades. As the oddball, domed white structure-on-stilts shifts farther out to sea, you can still catch a glimpse of its puzzling façade. How did it get there? Who called it “home?” Where is it going?

The answers to these questions can be found online with a quick cursory search—but the “unknown” side of things is, admittedly, a little more fun to think about, especially when it comes to visiting spooky spots on your Halloween adventure!

Located in Southwest Florida, near Marco Island, the scrubby shores of Cape Romano and the perplexing offshore attraction make for a great place to explore this Halloween season. Grab some photos or use the dome home as the backdrop to your UFO-inspired photo shoot—because as you’ll soon discover, there’s something almost extraterrestrial about the structure’s ultra-modern design! Its remote air lends an extra element of mystique to your trip, since the best glimpse of the dome typically comes from aboard a private vessel.

St. Augustine

Virtually every “old” city in America has its share of spooky stories and haunted locations—and with St. Augustine being the oldest of them all, you know it won’t disappoint!

Instead of being seen as downright scary, though, there’s a sort of exciting local charm behind St. Augustine’s lore—it’s something locals and visitors alike enjoy taking part in! Lively ghost trains, tours and local tales of homes and inns delight travels looking for the inside scoop on the centuries-old city. Ask around to hear local legends concerning some of the city’s most storied landmarks, or simply visit destinations like the Castillo de San Marcos to get a glimpse of St. Augustine’s living history (and all the tales that go along with it).

Downtown DeLand

For Volusia County travelers, the inland expanse of Downtown DeLand is a great place to enjoy a staycation at this time of year—but not because it’s haunted. Rather, the unique architecture of DeLand—a medley of old-fashioned Victorian facades and Renaissance revivals—makes it a great place to take a stroll during the lead-up to Halloween, when you’re in the mood to surround yourself with the spooky setting of the living past. Does it get much better than DeLand’s small-town streets and idyllic atmosphere? We don’t think so! It will transport you to a ready-made fall-time escape, a perfect place to spend Halloween or dream up spooky stories set against the quintessential old-fashioned backdrop.

And of course, don’t forget to check out the Athens Theatre’s production of “Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical” through October 21st. It’s the perfect, timeless tale to get you into the seasonal spirit!

Whether you’re looking for spooky vistas or simply old, antiquated spots that remind you of Old Florida, the Sunshine State is filled with worthwhile destinations—you just need to know where to look. We hope you enjoy these adventures and more, all season long.

Of course, don’t forget to stop by Stonewood to fuel up in between excursions!

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