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Coral Cuisine: How to Embrace the 2019 Color of the Year

Sun, Feb 03, 2019 at 10:15AM

Coral Cuisine: How to Embrace the 2019 Color of the Year

Searching for a flourish of culinary inspiration? Try looking in an unlikely place—like Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, Living Coral.

The beautiful shade—which is lively, yet still down-to-earth—is described as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue.” It’s cheerful, energizing and natural, making it an intriguing pick for those who like to deck out their dining spaces (and their plates) with a new hue every season or so.

Read on as we share a few fun ways to incorporate this coral hue in your dining routine—from your kitchen setup to the food itself! Take a look.

Go for a coral kitchen

Looking to make a big change? Go all-out! For your kitchen or dining space, a bright coral backsplash, wallpaper or accent wall is sure to mix things up in a cheerful way. You can even opt for a slightly more muted version of your favorite coral so that it meshes more easily with your overall décor scheme. The end result? A kitchen space that’s as adventurous as the foods you enjoy inside it! Plus, the coral walls are very apropos for the Sunshine State, where pastel facades have reigned supreme for about as long as we can remember.

Incorporate bright accents

Of course, a big sweeping change might not be for everybody. If you crave coral in your kitchen space, you can always opt for bright accents that liven up your room without overpowering your current setup. From a cozy breakfast table, to an eclectic set of colorful chairs, to your table runner, kitchen curtains or even dishware, there are plenty of ways to show off your coral spirit in subtle, spirited bursts.

Add fresh flowers

A fresh bouquet of flowers is a surefire way to brighten up any space! Coral-colored flowers are especially pretty for springtime, and can add a fun, playful feel to your next dinner party or get-together.

Dig into coral cuisine…

While the Color of the Year usually refers more to décor than to food, we say—why not? Coral is a beautiful hue that can be found throughout nature, including in some of our favorite foods. For a bit of coral inspiration on your plate here at Stonewood, here are a few tasty picks…


While a whole tomato is a bright orange-red, it takes on a vibrant pink-red tone reminiscent of coral when cut up into pieces for an Italian Bruschetta! This starter is as beautiful as it is delicious, as the vine-ripe tomatoes, basil, garlic, parmesan and house-made balsamic combine to form the perfect blend of tanginess. The ideal way to begin your meal with a kick.

Lobster Roll

You might be too busy savoring the chilled, tender Maine lobster meat to notice its gorgeous coral color—but it’s there! Paired with waffle chips and a griddled split-top bun, it’s a delicious seafood pick all around.

Benziger Rosé

For a splash of coral in your beverage, opt for the gentle, picture-perfect pink in a glass of Benziger Rosé.

Feeling inspired? Deck out your space in vivid coral, then check out the coral flourishes in some of your favorite Stonewood dishes and drinks! By approaching your food from a painter’s perspective, you’re sure to see things in an all-new way.

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