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Celebrate Heart Health at Stonewood

Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 6:15PM

Celebrate Heart Health at Stonewood

February is the month all about hearts, and it’s not just because of Valentine’s Day - it’s also American Heart Month, a time to practice and focus on health and heart disease! Our diet is one of our best weapons to fight this deadly disease and fortunately, there are plenty of foods that promote heart health. At Stonewood, we are happy to offer several menu items that are good for your heart in addition to being mouth-wateringly delicious, just read on to learn more.

Salads Made With Leafy Greens

Vitamin K plays a key role in blood coagulation and bone health, and it is abundant in leafy green vegetables such as kale, broccoli, and spinach, as well as iceberg lettuce. Fortunately, we have three fantastic salads to choose from to start every meal at Stonewood. In addition to heart-healthy iceberg lettuce and other mixed greens, our salads also come with select ingredients such as walnuts and grape tomatoes that help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and decrease blood pressure.


This Italian appetizer is more than just a flavorful way to start your dinner, it’s also an effective way to stave off heart disease. Tomatoes are chock full of two essential nutrients for heart health: lycopene and potassium. Together, these two lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure while also relaxing the walls of your blood vessels. Try an order of Bruschetta during your next trip to Stonewood and enjoy a healthy serving of vine-ripe tomatoes!

Fatty Fish like Salmon and Tuna

Fish are high in protein and also provide essential omega-3 fatty acids, which our bodies are not capable of producing on their own, that have been shown to decrease inflammation and reduce the risk of heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least two times a week, so be sure to pencil in Stonewood for two visits this week and treat your heart to our numerous selections of fish – it, as well as your taste buds, will be grateful to try our Seared Ahi Tuna and House Smoked Salmon appetizers!

We're glad to have science to back up the fact that you can maintain healthy eating at our restaurant. Come get heart-healthy & celebrate American Heart Month with Stonewood!

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