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Bring Your Favorite Stonewood Flavors Beach or Poolside

Tue, Jun 21, 2022 at 12:10AM

Bring Your Favorite Stonewood Flavors Beach or Poolside

With summer finally upon us, any Floridian knows it’s time to hit the beach and pool. But all of that swimming and splashing can easily make you work up an appetite!

Are you ready to bring mouthwatering flavors to the beach or pool? Stonewood Grill and Tavern has you covered.

Leave the stale chips or bland granola bars at home. This summer, order your favorite Stonewood flavors to the beach and pool. Just read on to see some of our most flavorful ideas.

Perfect Summer Snacks 

Nothing screams pool day like munching from different small plates. With Stonewood Grill and Tavern’s extensive appetizer menu, you can keep snacking all day long. Check out some fan favorites like: 

  • Buffalo Shrimp
  • Bruschetta
  • Tavern Wings
  • Stone Bits 

Of course, during those high temperatures, sometimes you want to snack on something a little lighter and healthier in between dips in the ocean and pool. 

For those snackers, we have an extensive menu of salads, bowls, and more. In the mood for something fresh and light? Check out our Poke Bowl, which combines tuna poke, edamame, rice, and aioli into one flavorful mouthful. Or go a little more traditional with our Asian Chicken Salad. 

Whatever you want to snack on, we’ve got you covered. 

Group Bundles 

Whenever it’s time to hit the sand, chances are you’re going with a big crowd. Whether you’re packing in your car with friends and family, or you made new friends playing a game of beach volleyball, you need food that can feed an army.

That’s why Stonewood Grill and Tavern provides hungry crowds with group bundles to keep the whole team fueled and energized from sunup to sundown. 

Interested in our classic Tuscan Chicken? Now you can grab this fan-favorite meal for the whole family. 

With Oak-Grilled Chicken, creamy goat cheese, roasted garlic, and fresh herbs, you can’t go wrong. Each bundle feeds four people and comes complete with bread and butter plus freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. 

Looking for something a little heartier? Our Blackened Chicken Pasta is sure to win everyone over with a blend of deep chardonnay sauce, perfectly cooked pasta, and flavorful chicken.  

Market Fresh Fish

As one of the best seafood restaurants in Tampa, you know that we’ve got top-of-the-line fish. Slapped down on our oak grill, we char our fish to perfection in a delicious herb butter blend. Choose from our Atlantic Salmon or Yellowfin Tuna, or call in to see what our catch of the day is. 

Beverages for the Whole Family

The best part about an afternoon by the pool? The drinks. Quench your thirst better than ever with our adult beverage bundles

Mix and match beers so that no one has to compromise. Or buy one of our cocktail bundles to get the drinks flowing. Choose from the following: 

  • Margaritas
  • Sangria (red or white)
  • Moscow Mules
  • Mimosas 

The next time you bring a group over to enjoy a day at the pool, don’t stress about the beverages. Let Stonewood Grill and Tavern handle the refreshments with our cocktail, wine, and beer bundles. 

For Your Next Beach Day, Order from One of the Best Restaurants In Tampa

Relaxing at the pool or beach should be just that: relaxing. Never stress about your next meal again when you bring our group meal and beverage bundles right to the pool or ocean. As one of the best restaurants in Tampa, Stonewood Grill and Tavern knows how to cater to customers — even when you’re not inside one of our locations. 

Now all that’s left for you to do is to kick back, relax, and enjoy some grub.

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