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Which Cocktails Go Best with Seafood?

Tue, Feb 08, 2022 at 12:02PM

Which Cocktails Go Best with Seafood?

The only thing better than a great seafood meal is a delicious, refreshing cocktail to go along with it. If you’re dining at the top seafood restaurants in Tampa, you have a taste for the finer things. You deserve nothing less than a well-rounded dining experience with your next reservation! With that in mind, today, we’ll answer the question: Which cocktails go best with seafood?

The Best Cocktail Pairings at Seafood Restaurants in Tampa 

Wondering if certain cocktails make particularly good pairings with cuisine at your favorite seafood joint? Next time you’re browsing the menu, consider these high-quality cocktails to go along with your dinner selection. 

Best All-Around Cocktail for Fish: The Gin & Tonic

There are so many different types of fish to order at seafood restaurants in Tampa, but they all have one thing in common: they pair particularly well with a gin and tonic! 

The G&T is a staple cocktail for good reason — its bright, citrusy flavors pair well with fish. This is especially true if you order a lemon or lime as a garnish. You can even ask for some salt around the rim. 

Make sure to ask your waiter for high-quality gin to ensure that you get to enjoy the best flavor profile possible. 

Best Cocktails for Crab: A Tom Collins

Crabmeat tends to be delicate. It almost has a sweetness to it, especially when prepared by expert hands at the best restaurants in Tampa. That’s why crab should be paired with a cocktail that will complement — but not overpower — its rich flavor. We recommend a Tom Collins for the job.

Darker liquors might mask the subtle flavors of your crab meal, but the light, refreshingly citrusy quality of the Tom Collins creates a perfect balance. 

Just make sure your bartender goes light on the sugar, as you don’t want to knock the flavor profiles out of sync. 

Best Cocktail for Lobster: The Mai Tai

Well-prepared lobster tends to have a more robust flavor alongside its tender, succulent texture. Nothing complements this complex taste profile better than the Mai Tai. 

This sweet and decadent cocktail pairs excellently with a lobster dish to create a burst of flavor.

Interested in switching things up a bit? Try adding some mango or coconut rum to create a unique, tropical experience. 

A Touch of Class with Oysters: A Daiquiri

Oysters have an unmistakably briny flavor that isn’t for the faint of heart. However, if you enjoy a well-prepared plate of oysters from time to time, we suggest pairing this delicacy with a Daiquiri.

This light, sweet cocktail is a great partner to the intense flavor of oysters and creates a palette cleanser between each bite. The experience is made even better by adding a wedge of lemon or lime to your beverage.   

The Perfect Pairing for Shrimp: A Bloody Mary

Shrimp is one of the most popular seafood dishes for its succulent texture, which is often enhanced with a complex array of seasonings. What better way to complement such a dish than a cocktail that brings a similar sensibility to the table?

Next time you order shrimp at your favorite seafood spot, order a Bloody Mary alongside it. The unexpected pairing of the Worcestershire sauce in your meal and the vodka in your drink will create a delightfully savory flavor profile.

Finding out what refreshing cocktail to pair with your delicious seafood dinner can change your whole dining experience! Next time you find yourself at a seafood restaurant give one of these pairings a try!

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