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Papas 5 Ways: The Perfect Potato Sides for Your Meal

Fri, Jun 01, 2018 at 3:55PM

Papas 5 Ways: The Perfect Potato Sides for Your Meal

Mashed, baked, fried—any way you dice it, the potato makes for a seriously great side dish.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect pairing to your dinner party entrée, or simply want to learn more about the TLC that goes into your favorite Stonewood sides, we’ve got you covered. Read on as we explore five of our favorite ways to prepare potatoes this summer!

French fried

For those times when you’re looking for a real crowd pleaser, you can’t go wrong with this beloved potato side. We might call them French fries in the United States, but the French actually know the fried potato side as “pommes frites,” which is short for “pommes de terre frites,” or “fried apples of the Earth.” It’s the same dish all around, though—the French word for “potato” is indeed “pomme de terre,” or “apple of the Earth.”

In Spanish-speaking countries, on the other hand, you might order “papas fritas,” or fried potatoes. No matter what you call them, though, fries are a no-fuss treat because they are so simple and snackable, yet can be made one-of-a-kind with the addition of different spices, oils or even a second frying for that added crunch. At Stonewood, you can enjoy French fries with classics like our Oak Grilled Cheeseburger or other sandwiches for a crispy treat you’re sure to enjoy.

Tip for home: When making French fries at home, it’s all about water. Soak your fries in cold water and then boil them for just a few minutes before patting them dry and frying them up. This helps soften the potatoes, making it easier for you to attain that perfect texture without overcooking.


Mashed potatoes make for another classic dish—and at family dinners, it’s a must-have side (one that’s sure to go by quick as it makes its rounds at the table!). While Thanksgiving dinner would certainly be amiss without a bowl of fluffy, buttery mashed potatoes, the dish is easy to enjoy year-round. Additions like roasted garlic (which you can enjoy in Stonewood’s Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes) add a fresh, vibrant “kick” to the classic dish, helping to make it feel fun and exciting at summer dinners and get-togethers with friends.

Tip for home: Waiting for potatoes to boil can be hard—since you just want to dig in and enjoy! One thing that will help the potatoes boil through faster is cutting them into equal cubes or quarters ahead of time. When every piece is the same shape and size, you won’t end up with some potato bits falling apart, while others are still hard to cut. Consistency is key!


For hearty entrees like our Porterhouse Pork Chop or Boursin Stuffed Beef Medallions, you’ve already got a knife and fork in hand—so in lieu of a handheld treat like French fries, a medley of potatoes, coated in an aromatic blend of seasonings, is the way to go. This potato side adds an air of sophistication to any meal, while incorporating a diverse set of colors and flavors with ease.

Tip for home: If you’re hosting a dinner party, roast your potato medley ahead of time. It is a simple process—coat your potatoes in olive oil and herbs, then pop in the oven—that can be done hours before your get-together, then simply heated up when your guests arrive, buying you some valuable time.


A delicious pairing for your steak dinner, our Baked Potato is a true culinary tradition, a dish that can be enjoyed as easily in a restaurant as it can at your Fourth of July barbecue. It’s a hearty side for a hearty meal, a treat for those who love the effortless flavor of a potato that’s fresh-from-the-oven (and all the goodies you can add on top).

Tip for home: While the process of baking a potato is fairly straightforward, our best tip happens in the grocery store—long before you ever heat up your oven. Pick the perfect potato! The starchy Russet potato is a favorite for baking since it absorbs water well and can hold its shape in the oven.  


The fun, zany cousin of the traditional French fry, the waffle chip is a delightful addition to any sandwich dish, especially sub-style dishes where you want to pair the cool, tender meat with a satisfying crunch (like you’ll find in our Flavors of the Season Lobster Roll!). Another huge benefit of this side is its surface area—since it’s a thin chip with a wide surface, it can showcase a seasoning medley beautifully.

Tip for home: It’s hard to get enough waffle chips, so opting for versions at home that are both healthful and easy to make is key! You can use a waffle shaper with sweet potatoes, then pair the finished product with a sprinkling of cinnamon for a warm, wholesome treat. Baking your salt-and-pepper waffle chips in the oven is another great way to get even more out of your potatoes!

Tasty and versatile all year-round, the potato is a veritable superhero of the kitchen. Get inspired by our favorite Stonewood potato picks, then try them out at home for a truly savory summertime treat.


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