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Dessert Drinks for Doubly Sweet Fun

Thu, Jul 25, 2019 at 10:22PM

Dessert Drinks for Doubly Sweet Fun

As kids, summertime went hand in hand with slushies, root beer floats and thick, creamy milkshakes—and perhaps a milk mustache or two! But who says summer today has to be any different?

We think hot summer days are perfect for indulging your sweet tooth. And there’s no better way to do it than with refreshing liquid desserts! Read on as we share a few delicious options to enjoy.

Espresso Martini

For a flavor evocative of your favorite coffee milkshake, try our elegant Espresso Martini! We’ve paired Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka with Kahlua, Baileys and—for an extra touch of warm, familiar sweetness—a hint of vanilla. The result? A swirl of aromatic flavors that warm you up as you wind down and enjoy dessert with friends. One thing is for sure—this treat may star espresso, but it’s far more relaxing and luxurious than your morning coffee!

White Chocolate Raspberry Martini

This light, fruity treat features playful ingredients that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. We make our White Chocolate Raspberry Martini with Godiva Raspberry Vodka White Chocolate Liqueur, as well as a touch of Chambord, for a thoroughly delightful dessert. Try it for yourself and discover what makes chocolate and berries such a ready-made pair.

Chocolate Martini

When it comes to “classics,” there’s nothing more quintessentially sweet than a creamy chocolate milkshake—or, in this case, a Chocolate Martini! Featuring a grown-up spin on the childhood classic, our Chocolate Martini is prepared with triple the chocolatey goodness, in the form of Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and, to top it all off, house-made chocolate cookie crisp crumbles for a sweet, textured touch that can’t be beat.  

Bonus: Sweet Sangria goodness

Sangria feels just at home next to a delicious steak or seafood dinner, as it does at dessert! Both our Red and White Sangrias feature playful, fruity blends that are sure to deliver a dose of sweetness after your meal. You can even pair a glass of Sangria with your go-to dessert for a doubly delicious duo. For example, the effervescent Sprite, lemon and lime in our White Sangria is a ready-made match for our House-Made Key Lime Pie. Find a combination that sweetens up your dinner experience!

Ideas for dessert drinks at home

Looking for delicious dessert drink options to enjoy at home? Root beer floats are an easy poolside classic, which can be served up in decorative mason jars for a fun, rustic flourish (tip: freeze the jars ahead of time for extra cool action). You can also add a splash of fresh fruit juice or fruit-infused water to a cup filled with crushed ice for a handy slushy! To modify this recipe for your weekend brunch at home, add a touch of champagne and you’ve got frozen mimosas.

You deserve a delicious liquid dessert! Enjoy grown-up favorites here at Stonewood, or mix up a batch of fun at home. Either way, these treats are sure to make your summer a little sweeter.

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